Welcome to my original paintings.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images
of my horizontal paintings.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images
of my vertical paintings.


I also want to thank Paul Adams for commissioning me to repaint
his sitar and guitar to give them a fresh, new look.
Here they are in Paul's requested blue and cosmic overtones.

You can visit Paul Adams Music by clicking
on the following link:


Click on the image below to watch a video
set to music of some selected paintings.

(*Prices can vary slightly)

5" x 5" - $55
5" x 7" - $75
8" x 8" - $110
8" x 10" - $125
10" x 10" - $150
11" x 14" - $175
12" x 12" - $200
16" x 20" - $225
22" x 28" - $275
24" x 24" - $325
24" x 30" - $375
24" x 36" - $425
30" x 40" - $550
36" x 48" - $650

I can also paint several other
standard sizes upon request and
give quotes for prints of my work.


If you would like to commission me to do a paintng
similar to any of my pieces you see here,
please contact me at

I can bill you via PayPal*
or you can write a personal check.
(*PayPal incurs a slight additional processing fee.)

Long Day's Journey Into Night:
This is my acrylic painting on display at a
Central Illinois Artists Organization
art reception
at the Contemporary Art Center
in Peoria, Illinois.


You can see some of my other paintings
when you follow me on INSTAGRAM at:

Suzette Boulais Art